• ICS 439-01: Cryptography in Quantum Era
    (Mon/Wed, 8:30-9:45, Online)
  • ICS 561-01: Quantum Algorithms
    (Mon/Wed, 17:00-18:15, Online)
  • ICS104-59: Introduction to Programming
    (Thu, 11:00-13:40, Online)

Office Hours

  • Office hours and are online (MS Team or Zoom)
  • For short questions: Everyday (9am-9pm) just drop me a line, and I will get back to you soon.
  • For long discussion: by appointment (preferably Sat/Tue/Thu 4-5pm/7:30-9pm)

Contact the Instructor

  • Dr. Sultan Almuhammadi
  • Email: sultan {@almuhammadi.com}
  • MS Teams: muhamadi {@kfupm.edu.sa}
  • Office: 22-316, Phone: 860-1625