Reading and Homework Assignments

  1. Homework assignments are annunced on the Blackbord with their deadlines, and must be submitted through the Blackboard. Assignments submitted by emails are NOT graded.
  2. Before solving the homework problems, you are expected to do the weekly reading assignments and understand the related material.
  3. An asterisk (*) indicates supplementary reading material.
  4. Late submission is subjected to a 50% penalty if it is submitted by the cut-off time (usually 48 hours after the announced deadline).
  5. Resubmission: If you submit a wrong file, or modify the solution after submission, you can resubmit within the deadline (at most twice). Only the latest submission on the Blackboard will be graded and late penalty may apply if resubmitted after the deadline.

Reading Assignment [Weeks 1-2]: Basic concepts, Searching and Sorting, Complexity notations
Alsuwaiyel: Sections 1.3 - 1.12 (skip 1.5)
Watch Python Tutorials: 1-7 (see Course Materials)

Reading Assignment [Weeks 3-4]: Solving recurrences, Mater Theorem, Input size analysis
CLRS: Sections 3.1*, 4.3, 4.5
Alsuwaiyel: Sections 1.14, 1.15*

Reading Assignment [Weeks 5-6]: Divide and Conquer, Quicksort, Dynamic Programming, LCS, Matrix Chain, Knapsack Problem, Greedy Algorithms
Alsuwaiyel: Sections 5.1-5.4, 5.6
Alsuwaiyel: Sections 6.1-5.4, 6.6
Alsuwaiyel: Sections 7.1

Reading Assignment [Weeks 7-9]: NP-Completeness, Reduction, Quantum Gates, Matrix Representations, Tensor Product, Classical and Quantum systems
Alsuwaiyel: Sections 9.1-9.3
CLRS: Chapter 34*
Yanofsky: Section 2.7 (Chapter 2*)
Yanofsky: Sections 3.1-3.3, 3.4*

Reading Assignment [Week 10]: Review for the midterm exams

Reading Assignment [Week 11]: Deutsch Algorithm,
Yanofsky: Section 6.1

Reading Assignment [Weeks 12-13]: Computer Architecture, Classical and Quantum Gates, Universal Gates, Deutsch-Jozsa Algorithm
Yanofsky: Chapter 5
Yanofsky: Section 6.2
Online material: ppt slides Lecture 07.

Reading Assignment [Weeks 14-15]: Superdense Coding, Grover Algorithm, Shor Algorithm, Project Presentations
Yanofsky: Section 6.4, 6.5
Online material: Classnotes, ppt slides Lectures 08-09, Project presentations/papers*.