Reading and Homework Assignments

  1. Homework assignments are annunced on the Blackbord with their deadlines, and must be submitted as PDF through the Blackboard. Assignments submitted by emails are NOT graded.
  2. Before solving the homework problems, you are expected to do the weekly reading assignments and understand the related material.
  3. An asterisk (*) indicates supplementary reading material.
  4. The homework PDF file must have a header on the first page, and a header for each question. See HW-format. Please follow this format when you submit your homework in order to be graded. See also a HW_Sample which can be used as a template for your homework. (Change the course number to ICS439)
  5. Late submission is subjected to a 50% penalty if it is submitted by the cut-off time (usually 48 hours after the announced deadline).
  6. Resubmission: If you submit a wrong file, or modify the solution after submission, you can resubmit within the deadline (at most twice). Only the latest submission on the Blackboard will be graded and late penalty may apply if resubmitted after the deadline.
  7. You may find your Class-SN here

Reading Assignment [Weeks 1-2]: Introduction to Cryptography, Modular Arithmetic
Forouzan: Chapters 1 and 2 (all)
Stallings: Chapter 2.
Rosen: Sections* 4.1-4.3

Homework Assignment HW1:
Forouzan: Chapter 1. Exer: 1, 2, 7, 8(a).
Forouzan: Chapter 2. Exer: 12(a,b), 16(b), 18(b,c), 25, 26, 32(a, b), 36(c), 40(b).
Total: 12 exercises.

Reading Assignment [Weeks 3-4]: Traditional symmetric-key ciphers, Types of attack, Blockcipher, DES.
Forouzan: Chapter 3
Forouzan: Sections 5.1, (6.1-6.4)*
Stallings: Chapter 3*, 4*
Additional ppt slides on: Blockcipher and DES.

Homework Assignment HW2:
Forouzan: Chapter 3. Exer: 11, 12, 13, 14, 18.
Stallings: Chapter 3. Problem: 3.
Forouzan: Chapter 5. Exer: 8, 14, 24, 27.
Forouzan: Chapter 6. Exer: 9, 10.
Total: 12 exercises.