How to Access Classnotes Folder

Classnotes folder is shared via dropbox. Check your KFUPM email for an invitation letter from You need to accept the invitation and sign up for a new dropbox account using your KFUPM email address. Then install the dropbox app on your PC, log in with your KFUPM email, and you will be able to access the shared folder.

If you already have a dropbox installed on your computer using another email, you won't be able to install it again. So, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Add another user account to your computer, call it "stu_id" or any other name.
  2. Sign in to your computer using stu_id.
  3. Accept the invitation, sign up with your KFUPM email, and install dropbox. This will create another Dropbox folder under the stu_id account, different than the one you already have.
  4. Log in to dropbox using your KFUPM email created in step (3).
  5. Right click on the Dropbox folder and share it with yourself (the other user on this computer). This way you can access the same folder from your both accounts.
Once you are done with these steps, you will find the classnotes folder shared with you. The classnotes files may need special viewer, see the Materials page for details.