Advising and Pre-registration

Dear students,

Students are required to see their advisors for approval before pre-registration. Please notice that you cannot pre-register until you get the approval from the advisor.  Mainly, your advisor would like to know the courses you are planning to take and verify the pre-requisites in details, to make sure that you are on schedule and everything goes smoothly.

Please fill the new advising form [
pdf or docx], email it to me for feedback if any, and bring it with you in the meeting. See the guidelines below. Please indicate in your email which day you are coming. If you cannot come physically to my office, please state so in your email, sign the form and attach it to your email. If your plan is good, you may get the approval by email.

Guidelines to Fill the New Advising Form:
This form helps you plan what courses you take in each term towards you graduation. The form includes five pages in total. You will only fill and submit three pages. First, you find the pre-requisite charts: (1) for the new program with summer training, (2) for the new program with internship, and (3) for the old program. Choose the right one according to your desired options. The charts are organized according to degree-plan. They clearly show the pre-requisite of the courses. If you are going according to the degree-plan you will have no problem following it. The second page you are expected to fill summarizes your plan for coming 3 semesters. The third page confirms the total number of all units taken in all semesters. Here are some guidelines to help you fill these three pages:

First Page to fill: Choose one of the Pre-requisite Charts
1. Mark all the courses you have passed with a tick (
Ł or x).
2. Write the current Term number (e.g. 191) under all courses you are taken this term.
3. Write the Term numbers under all courses you plan to take next semester.If you are graduating within 2 years, write the Term numbers under all remaining courses.
4. For the elective courses you have taken (or want to take) please indicate the course number under the XXX.

Second Page: Studentís Plan
1. Write your name, ID, and major.

2. Please list the courses you want to take in the coming 3 semesters.

3. Sum up the credit hours in each semester.

Third Page: Units Confirmation and Advisor Consultation

1. If you are graduating within 2 years, record the total number of units completed or scheduled in all the terms, and confirm the total number units.
2. Write your expected graduation term, then sign and date the form. Email a copy of this form to your advisor for feedback.
3. If you plan to see your advisor for approval, bring a hard copy of this form with you.
4. If you cannot see your advisor for any reason, email the form to your advisor and request the approval by email.
5. Please keep a copy of this form as a reference, and email your advisor if there is any change to this plan in the future.


Thank you,
Sultan Almuhammadi