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up Parent Directory 23-Nov-2020 13:39 - unknown 1996_Bennet_Strengths and Weaknesses of Quantum Computing_Q1.pdf 23-Nov-2020 13:39 248k unknown 1996_Grover_A fast quantum mechanical algorithm for database search_A1.pdf 23-Nov-2020 13:39 44k unknown 1998_Brassard_Quantum Counting_Q2.pdf 23-Nov-2020 13:39 624k unknown 2000_Brassard_Quantum Amplitude Amplification and Estimation_AMS.pdf 23-Nov-2020 13:39 292k unknown 2003_Childs_Exponential Algorithmic Speedup by a Quantum Walk_A1.pdf 23-Nov-2020 13:39 264k

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